Membership Information

The CACOLE charter allows for the following classes of membership:

Regular Membership – Individual & Organizational

  1. Organizations that have the mandate, by or under a law, to provide civilian oversight in Canada.
  2. Organizations whose membership is composed of organizations that fall within paragraph 1.
  3. Individuals affiliated with organizations that fall within paragraph 1 or 2.

Regular members may vote on all Association business at Association meetings and receive a reduced registration rate for the Annual Conference.

Associate Membership - Individual & Organizational

Organizations and individuals that have an interest in civilian oversight in Canada may apply for Associate membership in the Association. Examples of who may apply for this category are:

Associate members may vote for Associate Directors on the Board of Directors. Where an Associate is an organization, the head of the organization exercises his/her vote.

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form [PDF Format]

To view the Membership Application Form you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. It is a free application downloadable from the Adobe site.

Please send payment (cheque or e-transfer) and completed membership form to:

Executive Director
4498 217 Street
Langley, British Columbia
Canada V9A 9B8

Thank you for your continued support!